Wednesday, September 28, 2011

make time, no regrets

my sister turned me on to a blog last week. i've spent the past few nights pouring over the words as if it were a novel. being provided a forum to look into this individual's world made me appreciate my life and the daily parts of it that i take for granted. it also inspired me to capture those daily aspects that seem routine and mundane now but will be looked back on with fond memories. such as....the fact that cooper has started to army crawl and he's just shy of 8 months, he will grab at any and every little thing - there is no such thing as being still, or cade making a bug box out of a gatorade bottle and telling me that it needs holes so that the spider and cricket can breathe, and i've been in formed that now cade is "team bridget" rather than "team lindsay"...oh how we love our daycare girls!! these are the everyday normalcies that i want to go back and read about years down the road. so, i am going to try to dedicate more time to this blog and look at it as a way to record our family history - even if its not significant to anyone but me. i know its something i will never regret spending time on!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Omaha Zoo

We made it over to the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha on August 11. We had a great time and Cade loved looking at all the animals. He seemed especially intrigued by the aquarium with the variety of fish and spectrum of colors. There was a tank with all the "Finding Nemo" fish, so we spent a little extra time there. He loved it!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zach and Chelsea are getting Maui'ed

My sisters and I threw a Luau last weekend in honor of Zach and Chelsea. Their wedding is quickly approaching on August 16. Our families and friends all came to enjoy some dinner and drinks while we watched the guests of honor open their "around the clock" shower gifts. I think Zach and Chelsea enjoyed themselves!
The fun continues next weekend with Zach's bachelor party. Good thing Eric, Tim, and Nate will be there to keep him out of trouble! :)

Buffett Bound

We headed up to East Troy, Wisconsin, for our 4th trip to see J immy Buffett. We felt bad having to leave Cade behind, so before we left we dressed him up Buffett style! It was a fun weekend with good friends!

Friday, July 11, 2008


Cade's finally crawling (at 10 months)!!!! We've been coaching him and trying to bribe him with fun toys...none of that worked. What did work was a bag of chips on the floor in front of the couch....I've never seen a kid crawl so fast! :) We're very proud of him! He's learning how to pull the books out of his baskets on the table, stick his fingers in the VCR and all over the DVD player, as well as scatter his toys in every possible corner. There's plenty more for him to discover so there will be good stories to tell in the near future!

Blog page? No, Brag Page!

I have decided to take my friend Tricia's advice and create a blog page!! I think this will be a fun way to keep everyone up to date on what's happening with our family. More importantly it's a great way for me to show off pictures and give updates on Cade!

Summer Update
We've had a busy summer so far with more activity in the works. I completed my first sprint triathlon in June, the Pigman Tri in Cedar Rapids. It was so much fun Eric and I signed up for another event at the end of August! Eric's brother Kyle and his fiance Kate, were married on June 7 in Sioux City...a fun day! We took a mini vacation to Green Lake in Minneosta late June with Nate and Holly...the kids had fun playing together. We spent the 4th with our good friends, the Rouths', in Mt. Ayr. And we have another family wedding on August brother Zach and his fiance Chelsea are getting married. A lot going on, but it's been a fun summer so far!